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SCA stand up competition

Write up by Mike Archibald and photos by Brendan Kirk.

Well done to Ewan Callison for wining the 23/24 competition.

Stand up Competition. 10th April.

President Mike introduced night.

Judges were Liz as lay judge and Neil W and Mike A as other judges.

Rules were explained.

Jim Kelly

Got spectator to cut cards. Jim redid and cut cards. Half to spectator and half to him. Exchanged some cards. Sadly had to abort trick.

Five spectators selected and given cards. Each picked a card.

Ran out of time.

Graham Matters

Stranger in white coat blasts out music to introduce Graham.

Asked cost of suit, in pounds and pence. Showed tag on jacket and exact price.

Spike in one bag of four. Spectator mixed bags. First aid box brought out. The bags without spike chosen.

Picture of little man. Spectator chose pens and coloured in.

Cyril the musician had identical clothes on.

John Rossi

Gave judge a rose leaving stem.

Multiplying tennis ball.

Chinese sticks. Seemed to go wrong them resolved with 3rd pompom.

Playing cards with mouth organ. Naw you had to see it. Spectator picked card. Didn’t show it to audience. Gave spec Tommy Coopers fez. Audience predicted card.

Audience to stand. Took photo for standing ovation.

George Welsh

Got spectator to pick card. Said he would resolve as a policeman could identify card with finger print. Chose 3 and picked chosen card.

Rerun how a mentalist would perform. Predicted card.

Rope trick performed by mentalist. Spec chose ropes and rope left had a knot with £10.

Friend got him Indian rope trick. Small and large rope. Turned into two equal ropes and then missed into one rope.


Key raffle £45. Liz won key raffle try. No luck. We got £60 in raffle.

David Gallacher

Produced 10ft close up wand. Spectator put initials on card. Put his initials on other card. Cards in mouth and cards switched. Again chose a card and card appeared on pic of Mona Lisa. Put mask and bag over spec head to show spec couldn’t see. Then put them on self.

Caught chosen card on sword after some byplay. Produced cans of coke from cylinder, blind folded.

Billy Diamond

Spectator chose 6 cards and 2nd spec chose 6 cards.

Asked specifically to chose fav time and move top cards to pocket. Put next 12 cards in form of clock. Picked correct time and card matched prediction.

Two specs chosen. 1st cut cards behind back and marked back with X. 2nd spec same only on front.

Both chose same card. Card was 10 of hearts same as on card box.

4 aces placed in different pockets. Aces changed to Kings.

Bob O’Neil

Case contained mini case. Produced tee and golf ball from mini case.

Cards with colours on back. Months on front. Different colour envelopes chosen. 5 had great prizes and chosen had scratch card. No luck.

Special deck and business card prediction. Number chosen and digits added etc. card at chosen number.

Mixed cards. Two piles. Spec chose one pile. Perfect red / black match.

Mike Novak

Declares membership of Surprise cinema club. Shows 6 films. Few jokes. Spec chose no of film. And film agreed with prediction. Won prize of crisps.


1st Graham Matters

2nd Billy Diamond

3rd equal John Rossi and David Gallacher.

Well done all.


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