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SCA stand up comp 2022

Wednesday13th April saw the SCA hold their yearly stage competition where worthy winner Sammy Gendy as Harry Potter took the first prize with an excellent and well scripted Harry potter themed routine.

3 other competitors took part Denis Shields, Brendan Kirk and Jim Kelly all with very nice routines, but I think at the end even before the judges went to count the scores that the room knew who the winner would be.

I would like to thank our lay judges and Brian Jeffrey for being our magical judge, Mike Archibald for doing the timing and lights, Catriona for the great pics and Mike Nowak for doing a great job hosting the competition.

It was good to see Josh a possible new member being confident enough to entertain us during the break and we hope to see more of him in the future.

Overall a nice wee night and once again well done Sammy.



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