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Hi I hope everyone is keeping well. Just a wee message to apologise for not being able to attend the recent zoom meetings arranged by Moira which I am sure we are all thankful for.

Due to work commitments I don't usually get home till after 9 and on the Wednesday's I would have been off I have been doing overtime to help out.

I will make tonight's meeting and I am looking forward to it as well as catching up with the members for a wee gab.

I see different comments about the meetings and it seems to be a mixed bag but I think we should be grateful both to Moira for arranging the nights and to the Magicians for giving up their time to come and chat with us (for free).

Remember all ideas for these nights are welcome and as most of you will know they can come with their own issues as it's just the nature of zoom meetings.

I see the Thistle has been brought out of retirement which can only be a good thing and remember I am sure all articles and snippets will be more than welcome by the editor/s.


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