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SCA update

Hi guys just a wee update on what the committee have been discussing the past few weeks. We have now had two Zoom meetings to discuss what we as a club can do in these strange times and I can now share some of our ideas with you.

Firstly it has been agreed that the committee will remain as is until such times as we can get back together and hold our AGM and looks as though it may some time before we can use the puppet centre again.

George Fitzpatrick has suggested that we should have some sort of newsletter to keep the members updated to what is going on and to share ideas. Alan Maskell and Mike Archibald have agreed to take this on and once up and running they would be looking for input and contributions from members. The newsletter would be emailed to members as well as being uploaded to this site so that it can be shared outwith the club.

We feel that the club should put on a lecture of some sort through probably Zoom as that is what most are using these days and it is very easy to download and use on a pc or tablet etc. Thanks to Moira we have agreed that we will book Mike Sullivan for a Weds night in June at 8pm and details will be shared when confirmed. He can do a lecture one night and then for a small additional cost can do a dealer dem on another night which sounds like a good option.

We are planning on holding a club meeting next Weds evening at 8pm to try to bring together as many members as possible for a group chat on Zoom which should be fun. If anyone has a problem or is worried about using Zoom feel free to contact myself or another committee member for advice.

We feel it would be good if we could get some members to do a wee 5 or 10 minute routine on video that we could piece together to put it out as a wee show from the SCA and we can discuss that in more detail at next weeks meeting.

If we do get the Zoom thing going and it is a success we could then as Brendan suggested have a quiz night and maybe his video night and nights where the members do a wee routine as suggested by David Gallagher and take it from there.

We will try our best to contact members who may not be on social media etc just so that they are kept up to date with what is going on and if you can think of anyone please let them know or ask them to contact myself.

I hope everyone is taking care and keeping safe and remember to keep in touch by the secret forum and share anything you may find of interest.


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