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Hang in there

Hi Guys I hope everyone is hanging in there, it looks as though we have a wee while to go yet!! Harry seems to be doing well and Mike is still trying to get home but also seems to be in good spirits, I also spoke with Malcolm and Sarah who are also doing well. I hope everyone else from the club is keeping safe too.

It does not look as though we will be back at the puppet centre this season which means we will not have an AGM but the committee will try to discuss what we do about the situation and get back to you with our thoughts.

I have been sunbathing and pretending to be on holiday as well as painting the odd fence although it seems it is impossible to buy fence paint now as the whole country are doing the same thing. I am also doing another live Magic show tonight at 7pm to give me something to do and to try to just keep my name out there.

It would be good to hear what everyone else has been doing whether it be working or just trying to fill time in whatever way you can.

I have been in contact with Mike Larkin and he has asked me to share this guys page with the group as he has a lot of online tuition and stuff on his website which Mike rates very highly, I did say the cost would probably put most of our members off but he feels it is a good deal.

I did suggest that if he is good maybe our members would be interested in paying for an online lecture just for the SCA (would this interest anyone) depending on cost we could maybe do it on facebook live or some other platform.

Anyway here is the link to the guys page.

Would be good to hear some thoughts.


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