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Hi, I hope everyone is keeping safe and coping well with the lockdown, Things can get a bit depressing especially when we are used to dealing with people by creating fun and Magic and for many of us at close range. I don't think the 2 metre rule helps with close up Magic!!

For myself I was really depressed at the start of this while contemplating no work, no money and no holidays of which I have a few booked this year.

The news that I would be hopefully getting at least a % of my income was very welcome albeit not until June it still lifted the gloom a little.

I finally accepted that this year I will not be visiting, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Valencia, The Algarve, Sardinia or Barcelona this year (.just hope I get some of my money back as they are all booked).

I was getting really down as I was not performing Magic and was starting to give up hope and was even considering to start to sell most of my props ! but a local facebook page asked me to do a live magic show on facebook live and I agreed to do it and because I had never done something like this before it brought back the nerves of getting ready to do an actual show, I was even on the phone to a few club members for help and advice.

I am so glad I agreed to do it as it could not have gone any better with over 1200 people watching, 200 comments (all good) and 30 new likes to my Magic Den page with people still interacting with me and asking for prices for when this is all over. I would highly recommend you look into doing something like this just to keep your hand in and to keep your name out there.

I will post the show on my own page soon for all to see and may do another live one as well just to feel normal again.

Thanks to George and Ewan for keeping us up to date with some of the online content that has been getting shared and it is worthwhile keeping an eye on the secret forum.

Anyway that is my wee story and it would be great if others were happy to put a wee post up with how they are doing.

If you want to do this just send it to me and I will put it up as a blog for the members to see.

Take care.


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