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Close up competition

Wednesday 26th Feb saw the SCA host their annual close up competition and eight competitors took to the stage in the hope of lifting the trophy.

Andrew Mc Crae

Denis shields

Gerry Mckendry

Mark Findlay

Ewan Callison (Graham matters street Magician)

Marco Gallaso

Mike Nowak

Jim kelly

The competition was of a very high standard with all competitors desrving a pat on the back for all of the hard work they put in. There was a good variety of Magic on show including, cards, coins, fire, mind reading, elastic bands and lots more.

Mark Findlay who just joined the club this year lifted the trophy with a very polished and magical routine with a medical theme and was a very worthy winner.

Only 6 points separated first place and last place so the judges must have had a hard choice deciding a winner.

The Sca would like to thank our magical judge on the evening Ian Black, our lay judges organised by Kenny Hurren, Stuart chalmers for his video work, Ewan Callison for once again doing a great job with the raffle, George Fitzpatrick for drawing the raffle, Catriona and company for the camera work and great pictures and lastly Kenny Hurren for hostin a great competition.

(sorry if I missed anyone) pics below.

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