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Sale night

On the 22nd January we have the second part of Stephen Holt's estate sale. So far we have raised around £1600 to be sent to Great Ormond st Hospital, the proceeds from this sale will be added to that.

Still plenty bargains to be had.

Members only - Cash only - £1 starting bid on all items.

I have started the list but lots more to be added and will let you know when updated.

New list of Stephen’s Magic

Card decks

Brainwave x 2

Invisible deck

Steam punk deck

Cheek to cheek

Svengali deck

Mental photography deck

Cardtoon Dan Harlan plus another deck with no instructions

Phil deck no inst + numbers + rock bands

Omni deck (glass deck)

Trick dvd’s

Social deck – Soma

Al smiths – stop right there

This, that, the other – Stephen tucker

Page voucher – sansminds

Upgrade – danny weiser

Squash – Dave loosely

3 ropes and 100 laughs – Cody fisher

Butterfly effect – Peter nardi

Personal fx – Wayne Dobson

Sizzle – John bannon

Nailed – Jay Sankey

Slither – Mark mason

Flux – Roddie Mcghee

Sensational sandwich – Gary Bryson

Mirrors – Diamond Jim Tyler

Inferno – Joshua Jay

No camera tricks – Merlins

Zenner tech – Mark Elsdon

Nothing but the truth – BBM

Big reaction – Andy Nymen

No entry – Mark mason

Mystery box - I have put some bits and pieces in a mystery box, tricks/dvds/odds and ends/packs of cards. Well worth a bid on the night.

Another list of tricks and dvds to follow

Stephen’s sale list 2


Magic of Steve Dacri, no fillers – vol 1 +3

Vegas road trip – craig and David

E.S.Perfect project – Peter Nardi

24 seven – John Carey

Impossible Magic of Simon Aronson vol 2

Harry lorayne’s best ever collection vol 1+2

The Pennies – Giovanni Livera

Hardcore – Jay Sankey

In the trenches – Paul Green

Magic under fire – Harry Robson

Complete cups and balls – Michael Ammar vol 1+2

Supercharged classics – Mark James

Greater magic of Paul daniels

Decade – Mark Mason

Easy to master card miracles – Michael Ammar vol 1+6

Liam Montier project – 4 dvds – Double lift/Elmsley count/Forces/Thick card

Envelope Magic – Markeveridge

Money Magic – Mark Leveridge

Invisible – Jay Sankey, with deck

Miracles without moves – Ryan Schultz

False cuts and flourishes – Magician fx

Master routines – Mark leveridge

Spontanious combustion – Jay Sankey, with flash paper

Awsome self working card tricks – BBM

Session 2007 – Alakazam

Magic made easy – Johnny Thompson

Making Magic vol 1 -Martin Lewis

Super subtle card miracles – Simon lovell

Impossible location card tricks – John carey

Sponge balls – Pat Page.


Will to read – Steve Dela

Wishbone – Paul harris

Revelation – Wayne Dobson

Thoughtless – Alakazam

Symbol – Steve Cook

Needle thru balloon

Mercury wand – Michael Ammar

Panic – Aaron fisher

Mother of all predictions

Lippencott box

The Prediction – Rob Stiff

The Vanishing – Jon Allen

Omnilope – Jay Sankey

Scratch – Chad Long

Grand derby prediction – Tenyo

Thirteen – Mark Mason

Inflexion – Dave Loosley

Perfect open prediction – Boris wild

Aces from the for – Liam montier 2 sets

Limited edition – Gordon Bean

52 card monte – steve dimmer

Strangers gallery – John bannon

Free will – Elmwood

Hungarian guessing game – peter kane

Psi con ruse – Phil Goldstein

Lethal tender – royal magic

Birthday card – Wayne Dobson

Prediction impossible – Jay Sankey

Sub zero – Wayne Dobson

Snowstorm – Jay Sankey

Hover card – Dan Harlan

Growing/shrinking head illusion

Presto printo – Daryl

Self tying shoelace – Noblezada

Mini colouring book

On the button – Wayne Dobson

Card shark – Jeff case

Killer elite – Andy nymen

Ufo card

Club sandwich – Andrew normansell

Sidewalk shuffle redone – Martin lewis

Royal oil – Dan Harlan

Between the lines – Michael murray

Blindsight – Devin knight

Gypsy monte – Paul Wilson

Cups n balls set

Himber wallet

Modern times – Henry evans

Egg bag

Moola makers – Daryl

Dream paddle – John kennedy

The experiment vinny sago

Mind warp – Jerry Sadowitz

Miracle board

8 Ball – Larry west

Mind ray

Sympathetic match boxes – no instructions

Sharpie thru note

Pocket voodoo – BBM

Cartomancy – Peter nardi

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