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Harry Gallagher

As most of you know Harry is not doing that great at the moment. His wife Ina has asked if we could do something for him at the SCA.

We will be having a surprise night for him on the 6th November at the puppet centre. We are in the process of arranging performers for the night and the plan is to have all acts on and then stopping for tea,snacks and chat the rest of the evening.

The line up so far is.

Mike Archibald saying a few words and possibly an effect

George Fitzpatrick

Jim Kelly

Ewen Wilson

David Lees

(possibly one more act just waiting to hear)

It would be good if we could have as many members as possible for this night so hoefully most can make it.

I will post any updates but it is shaping up to be a good night and I am sure Harry will appreciate our support.


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