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Meet the members

First project of new season is meet the members night. 24th july Websters Glasgow. We have had a great response from members willing to perform on the night which is great, we will have to be aware not to overwhelm potential new members with Magic and try to make the night as structured as possible.

I will draw up a wee programme and try to fit all who offered in, I will not perform to make way for others, Hopefully we could keep all the Magic for the room and maybe just meet and greet in the bar area at the start of the night and at the break.

This hopefully will be a great opportunity to reach potential new members and also get word about the SCA out there.

I will try to arrange a night for whoever can attend when we could meet up before the event to discuss how the night will go, maybe the Monday before the show.

David supplied posters and flyers to the venue aand I will pop in to Roys and hand a poster in tomorrow.

Looking forward to this and hope it works out well.


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