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 Where we meet

Scottish Mask & Puppet centre

8-10 Balcarres ave



Next meeting 1st Feb

1st Feb               Video night / Interviews / Initiations                BK

A chance to see footage of magicians past and present

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How to Fool Friends and Entertain People

For the first time ever Matthew Wright is pulling back the curtain to reveal all about his award winning show in Spain- The Chamber of Secrets. For the past 8 years Matthew along with his wife Alarna has been selling out every show and getting rave reviews. Consistently voted the Trip Advisor “number 1 “Thing to Do” for for the entire region of Andalucia he has also been short listed into the top five tourist attractions in Spain competing with multi million dollar businesses such as the Madrid Sea Life Centre, Barcelonas Neu Camp Stadium and the Guadi Cathedral…Not bad for a two man band! During this lecture Matthew takes you through every step of what makes a great show. From meeting and greeting to selecting an audience member through to making sure you get the positive reviews you need to thrive in the business. This isn’t a lecture just full of theory though. Matthew performs parts of his show and not only explains how the tricks work….but more importantly WHY the tricks works…and why each trick is done at that particular time to create the best reactions and the best experience possible from YOUR magic. A rare opportunity to get a real insight into one of the worlds most successful magicians and magic shows. Not to be missed!

"Perseverance, secret of all triumphs"


Magic Tricks
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