Thistle Preview - week ending August 12

Wednesday August 9

This is a preview of The Thistle, the electronic Newsletter of the Scottish Conjurers' Association. All paid up members have access to the newsletter, a discussion forum for Members Only and access to previous editions of the Thistle.

This issue covers Magic at the Fringe, reviews of Magicfest 2017 and a short piece giving a performer's perspective on some aspect of the events and will be available to the membership shortly . 

Not too long till September 6th and our 1st meeting of Season 2017-2018 - The Committee Entertains.

The IBM Convention starts in Greenock the day after our season opens and runs from the 7th -10th September. 

For the programme look here http://www.magicconvention.co.uk/programme.html , for ticket prices and registration , see here  http://www.magicconvention.co.uk/register.html .

August is the month of the Edinburgh Festival and particularly the Fringe. There is a plethora of Magic acts appearing  - from children’s & family shows (our own Denis Shields and new owner of Practical Magic, Gary Dunn both have shows running. 

Den GAry

Denis has ticket deals for Members.Details in The Thistle Den's show dates

and Gary  Gary's Show Dates

If you aren't a member, why not join the Scottish Conjurers' Association by downloading a membership application and bringing it along to a club night. Wednesday September 6th is the next meeting.


MagicFest 2017

Magicfest 2017 launched with a Magicfair at Summerhall Arts Centre, Edinburgh.

Basically one ticket got you into a 4 hour sessionallowing you to attend 5 or more 20 minute shows with different magicians including Morgan and West, Elliot Bibby, Noel Qualter, Dave Alnwick, Billy Reid, Garry Dunn, Ricky McLeod, David Stone....

This ran over Friday Evening Saturday and Sunday mornings, afternoons and evenings.

On Sunday at another venue Assembly Roxy, Juan Esteban Varela presented an unique magic show "From The Dark".  A magic show presented in TOTAL blackout. Audience members being blindfolded before being led into the darkened room, seated and presented with a box of props to allow each person to experience the magic in their own hands...and minds.

This week - Monday to Thursday there are more shows dotted around the city http://www.magicfest.co.uk/whats-on/

Our own Prof Callison is appearing at a Secret Room in the Writers Museum, Edinburgh http://www.magicfest.co.uk/event-item/secret-room-writers-museum/  Have a good week, Ewan!

EwanKnot 0194 640