Events in October

Club activities in October

October 4

Francis Girola – mini lecture – no charge- open to visiting magicians

7:00pm for a 7:30pm start

8-10 Balcarres Ave, Glasgow Metropolitan Area G12 0QF

The mini lecture will be on the first half of the evening and afterwards you are welcome to mingle and chat in the second half or head home

October 11

Standup Competition - hosted By Kenny Hurren

This is an Open Night – visitors , both laymen and magicians alike , are welcome to attend

October 25

Halloween Night - hosted By John Brownlee

Bring along something fiendish and spooky – feel free to dress up for the occasion!

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This is an Open Night
– visitors , both laymen and magicians alike , are welcome to attend


October Edition of The Thistle

now available to Logged In Members of the SCA

September 2017 was a busy month for the SCA and Scottish magic in general. The SCA had our usual 3 meetings. We started with “The Committee Entertains”, the following week we had a lecture by a young man probably unknown to most of the club – Darren Mac and the final meeting of the month was an Inter-Club night with members of Paisley and Glasgow Magic Circles.

In addition IBM Ring 25 effectively the UK branch of the International Brotherhood of Magicians held their annual convention in Greenock – their first visit to Scotland in 50 plus years.

And finally the SCA had a 50-50 show in Airdrie in conjunction with Love’n’Light – a charity working with families who have been affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

Link to full stories within...


Other goings on...

Thursday October 26

Kilmarnock Magic Circle's Interclub Night is on 26th October 2017 in the Barrmill Hall Galston KA4 8HH

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Apparently KMC always have a theme for their nights. This year’s theme is FILMS, so if you come along to perform, think about tying your tricks to films, Oscars, BAFTAs etc.


Weekend of October 27 - 31

Horror Fest in Edinburgh.

Paul Temple's Victorian Séance

7.10pm 60 mins at CC Blooms 23-24 Greenside Lane EH1 3AA.

It's next to the Play House about five minute walk from Waverley Station. Entry is free but there will be a collection at the end 'to help continue the valiant work'




ACE Performers Lecture

Kids show performers come along to ACE Performers lecture to hear Martin Duffy's thoughts on how to pitch a magic show as an educational tool for schools.

Can You Spot the Maths Behind the Magic?


How To Book An Extra 117 Children’s Shows Per Year
(Even If You Think You’re Fully Booked)

If you’re any good at magic shows you are probably booked every weekend – and very often have to turn away shows on those days too. Once the slots are filled there are no other times to do shows…are there…?

There are many ways to get midweek bookings and I’ll explain a couple here.

Midweek shows are ideal for any magician who wants to spend more time at home on weekends with their children, wives or husbands – when they aren’t at school or work. Or for greedy magicians like me who want to work as often as possible – often for higher fees than weekend parties and events.

Personally I don’t get many after school parties – maybe it’s because there are so many working parents now. Of course they do come along now and again BUT there IS another market for children’s magicians during the day midweek.

“But Martin, all the children are at school during the week?”


Imagine if you do a show between 9am and 3pm you can be there when your children get home from school and in plenty of time to cook your partner an evening meal after they have been hard at work all day!

Typically I charge a minimum of £150 per show at a local school. If I am in a school for a whole day I charge between £350 and £550. If it’s not a local school those fees are plus travel and hotel. It’s very rare for me to do anything less than a full day when I travel out of the local area. I don’t mind driving an hour to a school in the morning but any more than that and they pay for a hotel. Also if it’s more than 2-3 hours’ drive home after working all day I’ll get a hotel for that night too.

But how to get the schools to book you?

The easiest way is to offer an Educational Magic Show.

Educational Magic Shows are based on three key elements of performance management.

1. Entertainment combined with education. Children learn best when they are having fun and enjoying themselves.

2. Audience participation. Allowing children to learn by being involved.

3. Using magic to illustrate key points and helping children to remember the message.

I have been performing Educational Magic Shows in schools for over 20 years; it has been a very good source of income for me.

“But Martin” I hear you say “The government is cutting the money they give to schools – it’s in the papers every week.”

Thankfully now it seems some bright spark has realised that the best people to decide what a school needs most are the very people running it, the senior management team and teachers.

This is great news for you as the people receiving your marketing are more than likely those in control of the decision, so they are the ones asking themselves the key question – to book or not to book?

The timing to learn an Educational Magic Show couldn’t be better. As you are reading this schools and budget holders will be counting their pennies (well £89 billion to be precise) and ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ over what to spend it on.

Don’t get me wrong, they can’t afford to be frivolous as a large portion of their budgets will already be earmarked (e.g. over 50% will be spent on staff wages), but they will now be ready to decide what their school needs to survive and thrive over the next 12 months.

If you can truly understand how teachers think, act, purchase, and ultimately what they need, and you can communicate how your Educational Magic

Shows can satisfy this need then will you stand a chance of winning a slice of the £89 billion budget.

Of course working midweek will not suit everybody but getting one or two school shows can also help you be more picky about the weekend shows you take!

Sound good?

I founded “Magic in Schools” with the aim of helping children’s entertainers create and book school shows, with my blog posts, training products and events! 


See for yourself...

'Magic in Education'
Thursday, 7.30pm, Thursday 14 September 2017
Venue: ACE Performers, St Margaret’s Church Hall, 96 Hallcraig St, Airdrie ML6 6AW
£10 entry for non-members



Screen Shot 2017 09 03 at 18.55.20

The opening meeting of the 2016-2017 season will be The Committee Entertains but it may be a good idea if there were a few volunteers ready to perform on the evening as holidays, shift patterns and the IBM convention opening night may all combine to leave a much depleted committee. The evening will be hosted by Club President Denis Shields - so if you're available to perform, let Denis know...

If you are not yet a member and have just found this website, please take the opportunity to read the public pages with details of the club's history and activities. DO come along to the club. Club rules allow prospective members the chance to attend three meetings at the club before you are asked to formally join and pay subs. If any of these three were a paying lecture night, your subs will be reduced accordingly.

September 22nd (Friday of the September weekend) sees the club participating in a 50/50 show with Love N Light Recovery Group Screen Shot 2017 09 03 at 21.34.14 an Airdrie based charity suppoorting the extended families of victims of Drink or Drug abuse as well as addicts themselves.

September 27th sees the club hosting an InterClub Night. Mike Nowak is looking after this event and will no doubt reveal full details and seek volunteer performers in advance of this evening.


Lecture Wednesday 13th September

Lecturer Darren Mac

About Darren

Screen Shot 2017 09 03 at 20.23.36

For Darren, Magic is his life. It was his boyhood passion and he has studied the art for 20 years. He first performed a live show in May 1994 and enjoyed it so much that he has continued to perform ever since.

Aged 9 Darren made two television appearances in quick succession. Firstly he competed on a Saturday Night TV Show called 'Whatever You Want' hosted by Gaby Roslin. He was successful and won a trip to America to meet his childhood hero, the grand illusionist David Copperfield. Within a year he was asked to perform on 'Blue Peter' receiving a coveted Blue Peter badge which he still cherishes today.

Up to the age of 18 (before he began performing professionally) Darren spent his time competing in many junior competitions. At first this was just at a regional level but then the competitions became national, where he finished runner up in the Young Magician of the Year completion hosted by The Magic Circle. In his last competition as a youngster, Darren won the title 'World Junior Champion of Comedy Magic.

He has achieved great success in senior competitions too with two special titles in magic, 'British Magical Champion of General Magic' and 'The Ken Dodd Comedy Award' presented by his namesake in recognition of the most promising comedy magic talent. Most recently he has placed 3rd in the European Championships of Close Up Magic.

Darren has performed at functions for many years, priding himself on his versatility and performing at a wide range of events around the country. Whether it be a banquet at the Manchester Hilton, strolling the concourses at Leeds United or making a new couple's wedding much more magical, Darren enjoys each and every performance he gives ensuring the audience does too!

Darren performs in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, York, Sheffield and Manchester regularly at Weddings, drinks receptions, banquets, parties and many other events. Whatever your needs Darren has got the experience to ensure you will have an amazing, hassle free event.

Outside of his magical career Darren is an Ambassador for The Prince’s trust. Having set up his business through the trust he now represents them at a range of events across the UK. Click image below for a recent video of Darren performing at Beverley Minster with Impressionist Jon Culshaw.

Screen Shot 2017 09 03 at 20.23.46

Lecture Wednesday September 13 at Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, 8-10 Balcarres Ave, Glasgow G12 0QF

Wednesday September 13th at Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, 8-10 Balcarres Ave, Glasgow G12 0QF

Visiting Magicians £10.00 entry at door