Society of Scottish Magicians

Society of Scottish Magicians

The first record of the Society of Scottish Magicians was on 12th October 1912 and the first meetings were held in The Shepherds Hall, India Building, Edinburgh.

The founder members were David Millais, Andre Letta, Prof. Smithies, William Roberts, Addison Lister, Arthur Delmo and Alex Bertram.

The club met on the first Monday of each month. The nightly fee was one shilling and a yearly fee of four shillings.

The club’s first President was Andre Letta, a well known magician, ventriloquist and theatre producer.

Despite a healthy bank balance at the A.G.M. in October 1913, and an increasing membership, the society ceased to exist before the 1914 season ended. There are no records of the club available so it could be assumed that the outbreak of the war had something to do with its demise.

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