Scottish Magic Circle

Scottish Magic Circle

The Scottish Magic Circle was formed in November 1957. The first meetings were held in the Tartan Room in Greens Playhouse in Dundee. The club name was chosen as only three members lived in Dundee. The original members included John Geddes, Bill Dunlop, Maurice Lawson, Syd Alexander, Colin Cawood, Fred Selbie, Helen Milne, Ian David, Sam Cameron and Fred Fox.

The club was formed as a breakaway from the Dundee Magic Circle. The story goes that John Geddes complained that the wives of the magicians, sitting at the rear of the hall, were making so much noise with their knitting that the magicians could not hear what was going on in the club.

Many have repeated this story but nobody will put their name to it.

The Circle has moved its meeting place around Dundee: to Bakers Hall, 15 Kings Road, Dundee and later still to Gilfillan Church Hall, Dundee.

The Circle has a rather unusual rule in their constitution. It states that a member can be a member of one magical club.

Hon President;
Al Koran

Vice President;

The Circle is a member of SAMS and has had some success in its competitions:

Max Raskin Cup;
John Geddes 1968

Craig Quaich;
John Geddes 1993

Presidents of SAMS;
John Geddes

SAMS Magazine Volume 6 number 3 page 30
Monthly Mirror ( the club magazine)

In 1957 saw the starting up of the Night Owls. The membership included Jock Kilpatrick, Tommy Frederick, Duncan Johnstone, David Campbell, Zina Bennett. All the members wore the club Fez at their meetings.

Margaret Campbell