Scottish Association of Magical Societies

Scottish Association of Magical Societies

The Scottish Association of Magical Societies is not a magical club as such. It is an association of all the magical clubs in Scotland. The Association held its first meeting in December 1951 in the North British Hotel in Edinburgh. Representatives from Paisley, Dundee, Kilmarnock, Kirkcaldy, Perth and Edinburgh Institute of Magicians attended.

The clubs would have been represented by Max Raskin, John Geddes, David Kelly, Jim Hynd, Ian Spark and David Law. This meant that the six clubs were the founders and not the members.

The objective of the association was to bring the clubs together and organise a magical convention. This happened within the first year.

The management of the association is that a President is elected each year along with a secretary, treasurer and assistant secretary. A convention committee is also elected whose duty is to organise the convention. Each club has two delegates who attend three meetings per year. It is at these meetings that the delegates advise the management committee of how their clubs view the activities of the association. Any major changes must go before the delegates. This ensures that the clubs control the association and not the management committee running the clubs.

To date (1999) the Association have organised forty eight conventions all over Scotland. In this time over one hundred lecturers have presented their skills, over four hundred magical and speciality acts have performed in the gala shows.

A number of trophies have been presented to the association.

McMillan Shield;
Harold McMillan 1952. Best stage act.

Max Raskin Cup;
Max Raskin 1952. Best Children’s act.

Cannon Trophy;
Sir Alexander Cannon 1957. Club which gains most points over the year. Points are awarded in competitions, and attendance at delegates meetings.

Fletcher Cup;
Duncan Fletcher 1961. Runner up to McMillan Shield.

Murray Wand;
Murray the Escapologist 1965. Awarded to a member of a Scottish club for Showmanship over the weekend.

Anne Warlock Cup;
Anne Warlock 1969. Best close-up act.

Ramsay Rose Bowl;
The Magicians Club, Coatbridge 1977. Best close-up effect in the Ann Warlock Cup.

Craig Quaich;
Jim Craig 1991. Presented by the President to the person he/she thinks has done most for Scottish magic.

Honorary President;
Sir Alexander Canno, Peter Warlock, Dr Eddie A. Dawes.

Honorary Life Vice-Presidents;
David Kidd, Duncan Fletcher, Robert Lees, Jim Craig, Ken McDonald.

The Association produced it's own magazine from March 1952 and continued till March 1974 when it was decided that the association could not justify the cost. The magazine contained reports of the conventions, competitions, information of all the clubs, historical information, special events and magical effects. With the introduction of desk top publishing it might now be practical to think again of a relaunching of the magazine.

The Association is still in operation and now has thirteen magical clubs affiliated (1999).

SAMS magazines
The First Ten Years of SAMS by June Leith.
The History of SAMS by J. Cuthbert.