Paisley Buddies Magic Circle

Paisley Buddies Magic Circle

Paisley Buddies Magic Circle was formed on September 1999 and meet in Glenburn Library in Paisley. Although it was set up by members of Paisley Magic Circle the club will run independently.

Membership is made up of young people aged eight to twelve. Adults can only attend when invited by the club organisers. The programme is designed to provide a wide knowledge in magic.

Founder members include
Adult leaders
Ina Cuthbert ,
Jim Cuthbert,
Ian McDonald
Sylvia McDonald

Junior members;
Alistair Hosie, Amanda Hosie, Andrew McKeller, Claire McDonald, Alistair McCrae, Scott Spittal, Callum Smith and Samantha Rooney.

Honorary President;
Ali Bongo.

Jim Cuthbert.