Magical Society of Moravia

Magical Society of Moravia

The Magical Society of Moravia was founded in the Inverness area in 1974. The early meetings were held in the Gordon Arms Hotel, Elgin.

The founder members include Merson Grant, Bill Guthrie, Penny and Richard Barr, Ken and Olive McNab and Mark Campbell.

The society joined the Scottish Association of Magical Societies soon after it started.

Honoured Members include Dave Harley, Peter Laing and Jim Cuthbert.

The club and members have won many competitions organised by The Scottish Association of Magical Societies.

Cannon Trophy;
1980, 1984, 1986.

McMillan Shield;
Merson Grant 1979, Merson Grant 1983, Merson Grant 1990

Murray Wand;
Merson Grant 1983, Fred Henry 1984, Merson Grant 1987, Merson Grant 1988

Presidents of SAMS;
Merson Grant, Ken McNab.

Merson Grant,
Fred Henry.
SAMS membership list