Kilmarnock Magic Circle

Kilmarnock Magic Circle

Kilmarnock Magic Circle was formed on the 13th April 1938. The founder members were David Kelly and Sam Wallace. Other members soon followed. These included: A.White, J.McGill, H.McGill, J.Fraser, S.Paton, G.Wright, S.Wallace, J.Dalziel, W.Munro, J.Miller, T.Houston and T.Kirkland.

The early meetings were held in the house of Sam Wallace but the club members soon arranged premises in the Young Mens’ Christian Association building in Kilmarnock. They later moved to the Community Centre, Galston.

When the committee prepared the rules for the club the following two were included: Members must only smoke their own cigarettes and any member not wearing their club badge at meetings would be fined one penny. We are not sure if the first rule is still in operation but the second is. Needless to say the fine has been increased.

During the war years any member called up for military duty had to return their club badge to the club. It would be returned to the member on his return home. It must have been considered a serious matter that a Kilmarnock Magic Circle badge would fall into the hands of the German Army.

The club fees were three shillings for men and one shilling and six pence for women plus six pence per night.

By 1942 the club were spreading their wings and visiting such places as Glasgow and Paisley as part of interclub visits. This visit to Paisley Magic Circle is still part of the Club’s yearly programme (1999).

It was soon 1945 and the club was presented with a President’s chain by Bill Milligan who was a member of the club. Bill was later to move to Australia.

Honorary Members.
David Kelly 1980, Sam Wallace 1980, John Ramsay 1955, Ian Adair 1961, David Campbell 1982 and Bill Storie 1991.

As part of the club’s sixty years celebration a one day convention was held in Kilmarnock, the guest lecturer's were Ali Bongo, Paul Hallas and Mark Mason. At the same time, in cooperation with Louden District Council, an exhibition of club and Magic memorabilia was held in the Dick Institute (Museum), Kilmarnock. These events were well attended by magicians from all over Scotland.

Kilmarnock was one of the founder members of the Scottish Association of Magical Societies. Its members went on to win many of the SAMS competitions.

Cannon Trophy
1966, 1968, 1987, 1988

Anne Warlock
Dick McNamara 1989

McMillan Shield
Ian Adair 1959, Matt Little 1965, Ricardos 1976, Les McLean 1977, Lynne McNamara 1988

Max Raskin
William Williamson 1988, Dick & Eliz McNamara 1993, Dick & Eliz McNamara 1994, Kenny Kerr 1997

Murray Wand
Les McLean 1977, Les McLean 1978

Presidents of SAMS
Richard McNamara

The club is still as enthusiastic in 1999 as it was in 1938.

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