Edinburgh Magic Circle

Edinburgh Magic Circle

Edinburgh Magic Circle was founded in 1946. The founder members included Syd Small (Radeen), Jack Silver, June Law, David Law, Dr. Brown and George Smith.

The early meetings were held in St Phillians Church Hall, Imperial Hotel, Leith Street, Trout Anglers Club, Rutland Street, Unity House, Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh.

Tom Howie tells us that members used to ensure that leaving the Imperial Hotel centre coincided with the bus time schedule or that their cars were parked nearby as members preferred not to be seen in or near the hotel.The club very early on joined the National Association of Magical Societies.

Some of the early members included Roy Scott, Leslie May, Louis Histed, Norman Ludlow, Eddie Logan, Ian Bennett, Tom Howie, John Howie, Dr Brown, Charlie Cameron, Tom McFadyen, Ray Silver and Dr Johnstone. Roy Scott, Leslie May and Charlie Cameron are highly respected writers of magical effects. Jack Silver was an inventor and maker of magical effects and his daughter, Ray, was well known for her magical performances and as a magical demonstrator.

The club did have some problems around 1948 when a number of members left to form another magical club. The story goes that David Law had a business card printed which looked very similar to that of Fraser Rennick who lived in New Zealand. A third party became involved and demanded that David destroy his business cards and have new ones printed. This got so out of control that David Law left the club to set up a second club in Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Magic Circle was not one of the founder members of the Scottish Association of Magical Societies but they did join within the first year.

The club organised a number of special teach-ins starting 1970. The first one was entitled Cardorama and the lecturers included Billy McComb, Peter Kane, Bob Ostin, Gus Southall and Roy Walton. This was the first and only lecture given by Roy Walton in Scotland. Later events were entitled Kidorama and Coinorama. Roy Scott was the man behind these events.

The club has provided the magicians of Scotland with a number of magical lecturers. These include Roy Scott, Leslie May, Bill McLeod, Jack Silver, Ray Silver, Paul Brignall, Shirley Ray and Charlie Cameron.

The club have arranged, on behalf of SAMS, a junior members’ competition for at least ten years (1999) and have from 1995 incorporated it into a full day of magic with a show and lectures.

Honorary Members;
Dante and Kalanag.

The club and members have won many competitions organised by The Scottish Association of Magical Societies.

Cannon Trophy;
1979, 1995

Ramsay Rose Bowl;
Bill McLeod 1977

Anne Warlock Cup;
Bill McLeod 1971, Bill McLeod 1977

McMillan Shield; Ray Silver 1954, Max Raskin Cup;
Bill McLeod 1969, Bill McLeod 1970, Bill McLeod 1971, Bill McLeod 1976, Eddie Logan 1977, Tom Richardson 1979, Richard McLeod 1992, Richard McLeod 1995

Murray Wand;
Bill McLeod 1971, Roy Scott 1970, Roy Scott 1975, Bill McLeod 1982, Richard McLeod 1996, Richard McLeod 1998

Presidents of SAMS;
Tom Howie, Ken McDonald, Bill McLeod, Bill Nimmo, Roy Scott

The club is still up and running in 1999.

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