Edinburgh Institute of Magicians

Edinburgh Institute of Magicians

The Edinburgh Institute of Magicians was formed in 1948. The founder members included David Law, June Law, Captain Smith, John Marshall (Zanda) and Madam Rala(Ray Law).

The members made application to join the The Institute in London and were accepted.

There were three levels of membership 1 Fellowship which was awarded to performing magicians. 2 Membership to new member with a knowledge of magic but not regular performer. 3 Associate membership to those non-magician but interested in magic.

Bill McLeod the well known reinventor and maker of magical props was a member of the club at one time. He was to say later that he thought he was joining the Edinburgh Magic Circle.

The club closed its doors in 1961 shortly after the death of David Law.

Roy Scott
Bill McLeod
June Allan (June Law)