Ayr Brother Conjurers

Ayr Brother Conjurers

The Ayr Brother Conjurers was formed in Ayr in October 1924. The founder members were John Ramsay and John Knox. The club met on the first and third Thursdays of each month, the members taking it in turn to provide a meeting place in their homes. The first meeting was held in the home of John Ramsay.

The Conjurers soon applied for affiliation to the Scottish Conjurers Association and were designated clan number three.

The membership soon grew to include John Murray, Edmund Logan, Robert Caldwell, Kenneth Fisher, William Allison and John Shearer. Later John Sadler, Jack Miller and Dan Gallacher became members. It should be noted that half of the members were still at school.

The club badge was designed by John Ramsay. Robert Caldwell said that John chose the initials A.B.C. and the cups and balls as the emblem since they were the A.B.C of magic.

The club regularly presented a show entitled Nights of Magic in the local Y.M.C.A. hall in Ayr. All club members were expected to perform. Profits from the shows were used to expand the club library.

Although the club had other members John Ramsay was the main man. John won many prizes for his magical presentations all over the world. It is fortunate for magicians that one of John’s pupils, Andrew Galloway, wrote up John’s routines in three books entitled The Ramsay Classics, The Ramsay Legend and The Ramsay Finale.

Ayr District Council set aside an area near to John’s shop in Ayr which they made into a garden. Many people go to sit there to quietly remember the man and his magic.

The club continued until 1953.

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