The Scottish Conjurers' Association has a long tradition of magic spanning over 80 years and its members anticipate that this tradition will continue unbroken for the foreseeable future.

Over the recent past the club's membership has grown steadily and the Scottish Conjurers' Association has for many years been the largest magic club in the country.

A constant stream of enquiries from prospective new members indicates that in the future the club will go from strength to strength.

In view of the current upsurge in interest in magic, allied with our superb facilities, and in conjunction with a membership spanning all ages and magical expertise, the Scottish Conjurers' Association stands well equipped to face the future with confidence that we can provide a club where magic and entertainment will go hand in hand for existing and new members alike.

We anticipate that the club will, in the years ahead, not only continue to attract new members but, as in the past, also provide a comprehensive and enjoyable syllabus of events during the season.

These will, we anticipate, include high calibre lecturers, at little or no cost to members, competitions and fun nights where magic and amazement are never far apart and a scenario in which those interested, whether expert or novice, can enjoy magic in the company of like minded and affable companions.