That which you see above is the Emblem of the Scottish Conjurers' Association and in its entirety symbolises the highest principles, practices and traditions in magic to which the members of this club at all times aspire.


The Emblem begins with a yellow circle, around which is a blue circle. This denotes the unbroken circle of friendship, which exists among magicians throughout the world.


The heart, signifies the affection, honour and integrity, which exists among all magicians, but more especially among all members of this Association.


The spade symbolises the hard work required, to increase our knowledge and skill, in the art of magic.


The diamond, illustrates the wealth of enjoyment and pleasure found by the study and practice of magic, and the delight of mixing with others of similar interests.


The club, indicates the traditions of companionship and fraternity that we strive to uphold in this Club, and which we hope exists in magical clubs throughout the world.


The star, at its zenith lightens you to the peak of magical perfection, which you may achieve by diligent efforts, practical application and perseverance.


The serpent signifies the temptation to expose wilfully magical secrets with resulting unhappiness, which we in the S.C.A. do our utmost to combat.


The skull symbolises death, the greatest mystery of all.