Syllabus 2012-13



The club meets on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month ex Sept.

Date Event Host
12-Sep-12  Pack It In,  Pkt Tricks or Tricks with Packets G.McKendry
19-Sep-12  Craig Petty David Penn Dealer Dem Lecture          Scott C
26-Sep-12  Lecturettes G. Fitzpatrick
03-Oct-12  Informal Night
10-Oct-12  Paul Voodini Lecture E. Wilson
24-Oct-12  Stand-Up Comp H. Gallacher
04-Nov-12  Sunday Sale and Exchange
07-Nov-12  Informal Night
14-Nov-12  Fool Us I fooled the SCA S. Thomson
28-Nov-12  Tommy Frederick Lecture  David Stone J. Kelly
05-Dec-12  Informal Night
12-Dec-12  Xmas Party Night J.Kelly
19-Dec-12  Xmas Night Out G.Fitzpatrick
09-Jan-13  Informal Night
16-Jan-13  Video Night H.Gallacher
30-Jan-13  Inter-Club Night  B. Kirk
06-Feb-13  Informal Night
13-Feb-13  Grab Bag Book from Library M. Junnor
27-Feb-13  Mental Magic S.Thomson
06-Mar-13  Informal Night + Brian Morrison paper magic
  13-Mar-13   Close-Up Comp H. Gallacher
27-Mar-13  My Kind of Magic P.Gordon
03-Apr-13  Informal Night + David Lees
10-Apr-13  Duncan Fletcher lectue by Greg Wilson Scott. C
24-Apr-13  ASH Comp H. Gallacher
01-May-13  Informal Night
08-May-13  Presidents Night J. Kelly
22-May-13  SCAs AGM



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