Gerry's Poem for J.K.

Just a short poem for Jim Kelly

The master of card 'finger flinging'

So good he should be on the Telly

And have you heard him singing?

He's a clever tonsorial artiste

And I think this judgement is fair

He's in the top ten thousand at least

I mean when he's cutting your hair

That's just a wee joke among us

As a barber he is just supreme

He's brilliant at whatever he does

All easy for him it would seem

With my famous linguistic verbosity

You would think it would be undemanding

To recount Jim's great generosity

But it's just beyond my understanding

I don't mean just with his money

But his time and expertise too

And he laughs at my jokes though unfunny

I hope that that rubs off on you.

As you know I could go on forever

This of course is self evident

The man is terribly clever

I salute him as our president

This silly wee poem is now finished

Just one more verse for JK

My admiration's never diminished

I'm sure that's what all of us say

Before this rhyming gets 'werse'

And my guilty face simply goes redder

If you don't like this silly wee verse

Just give to George for his shredder!