Gerry's Poems

Brian Morrison

Tonight we welcome Brian
Morrison of that ilk
His talents leave me cryin'
'cos he's as smooth as silk

Brian can be an impressionist
No I don't mean Cary Grant
Renoir,Manet, get the gist
I'd list more but I can't

His lightning sketches are unique
In seconds they arrive
You think the image might just speak
So lifelike and alive

And have you seen his Silhouettes
Just scissors and some paper
I've never seen them bettered yet
To him it's just a caper

His Pyrographs are real hot stuff
That's wood burning don't you see
And if that wasn't just enough
He does stuff in 3D

Wee Jinky is his latest trick
Soon outside Celtic Park
I'm guessing that he likes the 'tic
But that's a stab in the dark

I cannot list all Brian’s skills
I'll stop this poem because
Get ready for amazing thrills