History of Magic Clubs In Scotland

Paisley Mystic Circle

A syllabus of Paisley Mystic Circle has just come into my possession. It is dated 1932-33 and mentions names like Leslie May, Will Dale J.B. Findlay and DeVega as visiting lecturers. The building where the meetings were held are still in place but unfortunately no records are available. Other than this syllabus I can find no other back-up information.


Paisley Buddies Magic Circle

Paisley Buddies Magic Circle was formed on September 1999 and meet in Glenburn Library in Paisley. Although it was set up by members of Paisley Magic Circle the club will run independently.

Membership is made up of young people aged eight to twelve. Adults can only attend when invited by the club organisers. The programme is designed to provide a wide knowledge in magic.

Founder members include
Adult leaders
Ina Cuthbert ,
Jim Cuthbert,
Ian McDonald
Sylvia McDonald

Junior members;
Alistair Hosie, Amanda Hosie, Andrew McKeller, Claire McDonald, Alistair McCrae, Scott Spittal, Callum Smith and Samantha Rooney.

Honorary President;
Ali Bongo.

Jim Cuthbert.


West Lothian Junior Magic Circle

The club was formed in 1998 by Greg Forbes and Bill Nimmo. It was designed to meet the needs of young people between 12 and 14 years. The club meet in Lanthorn Community Centre in West Lothian.

Greg Forbes
Bill Nimmo


Glasgow School of Magic

Glasgow School of Magic was formed in 1998. Their meetings are held in the Ibrox Community Centre, Glasgow. The founder members were Alan Duncan and Karen Mann.

The club caters for young magicians. Most are around the twelve to sixteen age range although there are some adults also in the club.

Soon after starting they designed their club badge.

After their first year they joined the Scottish Association of Magical Societies.

The club is still up and running in 1999 although it changed its name to Glasgow Magic Circle. 2002. Members thought it gave the impression that the club was only for young people.

Scottish Association of Magical Societies minutes
Alan Duncan


West Lothian Magic Circle

The West Lothian Magic Circle was formed on 9th August 1996. The meetings are held in The British Legion Club, Whitburn. The founder members were Ian McIntosh, Bill Rees and Peter Merlin. They were soon joined by Bill Nimmo and Greg Forbes.

The club is still up and running in 1999.

The Circle is affiliated to SAMS and in their short time have been successful in the competition.

Max Raskin Cup;
Ian McIntosh 1999

SAMS membership list
Greg Forbes
Bill Nimmo