Council Conjure Up Plan For Memorial Garden

From the President of the Scottish Conjurers Association:

Once you have read the article below and you feel as strong as I do, you may want to voice your objection to these proposals. If you do, the address to send individual lettered objections to, because block bookings of complaints, i.e., a petition of signatures will be treated as one objection, are as followed;

South Ayrshire Council
Burns House
Burns St. Square

Fax; 01292 616161

Email - Chief Executive; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Council chiefs are planning to make a conjurors garden disappear. South Ayrshire Council want Ramsay Gardens - named after Ayr's famous conjuror Johnny Ramsay - to be turned into a beer garden. But the plan has led to an outcry from a variety of organisations including the Magic Circle.

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