Jim Meek Tribute Night - a report

Jim Meek Tribute Night
Friday March 23rd , at the Maryhill Club 90

A joint venture between the SCA , Glasgow Magic Circle and Paisley Magic Circle to honour Jim and raise funds for Heart Research.

This event took the form of an evening of family entertainment with some games, Magic for ALL ages, Raffles , Bingo – anything to get a few pounds towards Cardiac Research.

The evening started with close-up magic around the tables provided by George Fitzpatrick and Jim Kelly of the SCA, Tommy Templeton , Steve Grimes and Terry McEwan from Paisley Magic Circle and Liam McCracken, Billy Gibson and Gerry Wilson from Glasgow Magic Circle.

001DSC 0138George Colvanx

 Stage Magic was then provided by George Colvan who did a nice set finishing with a routine in which he displayed an empty box, which he took apart to show us, and then produced endless £5 and £10 notes and a few parking tickets and fines for non-payment of same! I hadn’t seen this before but apparently it’s so old it’s new!!







002DSC 0109 MalkySmilex


Malky Wilson followed on from George - hard to describe the act - you had to be there!

No magic but a lot of nonsense and entertainment.






002DSC 012Malkys Rear1x002DSC 0124SHOCKEDx002DSC 0120Malky kilts offx

Denis Shields was up next and involved several of the kids in attendance. Confusing them with scissors that only seemed to work for him. Some nice bits of business and gags with balloons that had his assistant (and us) in stitches.

003DSC 0125Den Scissorsx003DSC 0129x

Den finished with his version Darren Mac’s version, of Bill Abbott’s version, of the six card repeat which concluded with the disappearance of ALL the cards he had produced and discarded.

At this point there was an interval and a generous cold buffet organised by Janet Colvan with hot takeaway organised by Denis

The second half began with some dance games for the kids led by Den. Followed by the distribution of the many raffle prizes donated by club members.

Terry McEwan from Paisley Magic Circle did a mentalist themed act closing with a Book test.

004DSC 0146 biblebooktestxHe had distributed cards to the audience during the interval asking for them to write down a number and fold the card – these were collected and an audience member ( that would be me) picked one at random – the number was 5.5 – was someone sabotaging his booktest?

However from the books available it was a Bible that was fairly chosen – and within this the book of Mathew Chapter 5, Verse 5 is “ Blessed are the MEEK” – I think this was well appreciated by thse members of Jim’s Family who were present.




Alex Proctor, possibly Jim’s oldest friend in magic, closed the evening with his Jumping knot routine.

005DSC 0147 Alex Knotx005DSC 0161Alex TOASTx

Following up with his take on Bill Abbott’s “Smart Ass” and finished with an effect in which a card is chosen and then a slice of bread is chosen at random from a regular Plain Loaf – no rough or smooth or marked slices… after a lot of funny business shuffling the loaf, the card is revealed when the slice of bread is toasted, and the value is displayed on the toast!!

A great night’s entertainment for a fiver, made possible by the generosity of those who gave up their time to come along and perform. I think Jim would've enjoyed it...

In addition to the performers mentioned, Campbell Black attended and helped sell the bingo tickets, Steven Maley sold the raffles and Den’s wife Ann Marie took care of the door money.

£455 was raised for Heart Research. Thanks to all who took part or attended.